Our Purpose


Strategic Vision

We are the leading partner in improving the health and well being of our community.

Strategic Purpose

We achieve our vision by supporting and providing effective, efficient, innovative and quality primary health care services with General Practice, Primary Health Care Providers and our Community Partners.

Strategic Objectives

The 3 key Strategic Objectives of RDGP are:

To actively lead and foster partnerships and relationships with all key stakeholders that enable collaborative and innovative models of care to deliver health outcomes for the community.

  • Actively engage with membership, primary health care workforce and other partners
  • Identify and implement Community engagement strategies
  • Maintain a strong partnership with Country SA PHN including contributing to and building on the Country SA PHN needs assessment and population health planning
  • Identify and document models of care that contribute to health outcomes

To deliver professional, accessible and equitable services in response to identified community need through pursuing and securing resource opportunities.

  • Maintain and further develop services and programs that respond to community need
  • Access appropriate funding sources that enable responsive service delivery options
  • Ensure that all services meet high standards including evidence base, robust evaluation, viability and compliance

To establish and implement a viable business model for RDGP in response to the changing political, health and local environment.

  • Understand all aspects of the environment – political, financial, health and community
  • Ensure that all internal structures and systems are robust, accountable and efficient resulting in measurable outcomes
  • Focus on the sustainability of existing and future funding options including exploration of value add services on a fee for service basis.

Enabling factors

Our successful achievement in these areas requires having foundations of excellence in

  • Governance
  • People
  • Business systems
  • Funding diversity and security
  • Membership support
  • Partnerships


  • Always acting ethically with respect, honesty and integrity to build trust
  • Demonstrating commitment, responsiveness and reliability to build partnerships and achieve outcomes
  • Balancing diversity, innovation, resilience and relevance to achieve success


RDGP is committed to quality corporate governance. This includes

  • Skills based Board structure
  • Board Charters
  • Regular reviews of governance performance at each meeting, annually, internally and externally, and against established KPIs
  • Commitment to governance training for all Directors
  • Oversight of the Strategic Plan
  • Ethical and responsible decision making
  • Integrity in financial reporting
  • Recognition and management of risk
  • Respect for the rights of members
  • Ensuring value